The world was forever changed when the blues became the foundation of Flower Power music scene during the 60's. Thanks to Jimmy Hendrix, The Doors, Cream, Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin and others, gave us memories of yesteryear. BOOTLEG45 takes you back to the year when Blues and Rock & Roll became one. They perform songs that you love, with an extra musical flare that brings the audience to their feet, dancing, smiling, even happy tears of joy hearing their favorite songs live from the pass.
BOOTLEG45 is a time machine transporter of rock'n blues from music history and the audience always cheer for more.​​
Based in San Diego California the BOOTLEG45 Band are masters of the genre. Fronted by the powerful and dynamic vocalist of Shelle Blue along with Paul "The Master" Alvarado on guitar, a true talent with a distinctive style. Plus a brilliantly showcase rhythm section. Colin McNeely on bass guitar and Glen Maiden, formly Joe Cocker's Drummer. Each band member has been recognized for being the best in their field. BOOTLEG45 play classic traditional blues, authentic rock and R&B favorites.
Whether you're booking for a bar or programming a summer concert series, festival, fair, a special community event or planning a private party for your family or friend. You'll appreciate a band that is as great to work with off-stage as they are talented onstage. BOOTLEG45 is committed to making your event run smoothly, delivering a top entertaining performance. Dazzling the crowd is just the icing on the cake. And who knows, it just might become a party.

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